3W Consulting Group, LLC


Professional Development


 3W Consulting Group LLC provides training for educational, corporate, federal, and state entities. Training formats include:

  • Train-the-trainer
  • Instructor-led
  • e Learning
  • Webinar training

Course offered:


· 10 Soft Skills You Need 

· Anger Management 

· Body Language Basics 

· Business Ethics 

· Business Writing 

· Change Management 

· Conducting Annual Employee Reviews 

· Conflict Resolution 

· Customer Service 

· Developing New Managers 

· Emotional Intelligence 

· Employee Motivation 

· Facilitation Skills 

· Goal Setting and Getting Things Done 

· Handling a Difficult Customer 

· High Performance Teams 

· Interpersonal Skills 

· Leadership and Influence 

· Meeting Management 

· Negotiation Skills 

· Organizational Skills 

· Performance Management 

· Presentation Skills 

· Public Speaking 

· Social Media in the Workplace 

· Stress Management 

· Taking Initiative 

· Team Building for Managers 

· Teamwork and Team Building 

· Telework and Telecommuting 

· Time Management 

· Training Middle Managers

Executive Coaching



3W Consulting Group, LLC provides executive coaching to help individuals advance their careers. Dr. Rochelle L. Webb leads the practice and is a certified executive coach. We focus on foundational coaching concepts with our clients to establish:

  • Trust in the coaching dialogue
  • Scope and boundary of the coaching relationship
  • Willingness to be coached
  • Understanding of the client’s current professional relationship through assessments
  • What represents success at the conclusion of the coaching relationship

Clients learn to understand how behavioral, perceptional, and situational factors contribute or detract from achieving professional growth and career advancement. Executives seeking coaching may also focus on organizational leadership, change leadership, and employee engagement factors in addition to the factors above.

Why invest time in executive coaching and how do you know if executive coaching is right for you? If you answer yes to any of the following, executive coaching can help you!

  • I need a boost to get to senior or executive level
  • I am trying to lead but no one is following
  • I want to get into management
  • I want to improve my professional reputation
  • I am stuck in my current position
  • No one listens to me at work
  • I am being passed over for promotions

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